Our expeditions are divided into different levels of difficulty.

We give levels as a guide, according to the capacity of the participant, the degree of its acclimatization and the state of the terrain depending on the weather.

Grades of difficulty:


1: Easy

Accessible for all people in good health.

1-4 hour hike per day. Little change in altitude.

2: Moderate

For people with good physical condition and who have a basic experience in hiking. Altitude

change between 200 and 500 meters. 4-6 hour walk per day.

3: Challenging

For those in good physical condition and who have experience in travel on mountainous

terrain. Altitude change between 500 and 800 meters. 5-6 hour walk per day.

4: Demanding

It requires effort and some physical resistance. It is necessary to have sports training and a bit

of hiking experience. Some trek can have steep slope of 1000 meters. 6-8 hours hike per day.

5: Strenuous

For people very well prepared physically and psychologically for a trek of great effort. Elevation

of more than 1000 meters. 7+ hour walk per day.


F: Facile/easy.

Rock scrambling or easy snow slopes; some glacier travel; often climbed ropeless except on


PD: Peu Difficile/a little difficult.

Some technical climbing and complicated glaciers.

AD: Assez Difficile/fairly hard.

Steep climbing or long snow/ice slopes above 50 degrees; for experienced alpine climbers


D: Difficile/difficult.

Sustained hard rock and/or ice or snow; fairly serious stuff.

TD: Tres Difficile/very difficult.

Long, serious, remote, and highly technical.

ED: Extremement Difficile/extremely difficult.

The most serious climbs with the most continuous difficulties.